Summer at CAPS

Summer at UCSC is a relatively quiet time of year for most of the CAPS staff.  Most days, at my office at Porter College, I see more deer than I do people. Without the usual crowds of students around, whole families of them come out to snack on the lawn. We’re not doing as much counseling these days, but everyone’s been keeping busy with projects getting things ready for school to start up again in Fall.

Porter College UCSC

One of my big projects for the summer is to get the CAPS blog started, and I’m excited for today’s very first post! Since our staff started meeting with our Student Advisory Board last Winter, one of the biggest recommendations we’ve received is the importance of connecting with students and other members of the UCSC community through social media. Since then, we’ve started a CAPS Facebook Page (85 followers and counting! woo!) This blog is the next step in building our web presence.

Why do we care about getting online? We have a lot of good reasons, but one of the biggest reasons for me is that although CAPS meets with hundreds of students every quarter, I still hear from students who are reluctant to attend counseling because of the stigma attached to it. To me, it’s a stigma born out of misinformation and misunderstanding. I hope that by having a new channel to share with the UCSC community, we’ll be able to provide helpful and accurate information about our counseling center, and the resources we offer for students. So please, follow us for upcoming events, information, counselor bios, and lots of other helpful and hopefully interesting posts.

In the meantime, feel free to stop by! CAPS is open all summer, M-F 8-5pm. Call us at (831) 459-2628 to schedule an appointment, or drop in during business hours for urgent concerns.