The Most Important Person in Preventing a Suicide Might Be You

In my work as a psychologist, I often talk to students who are worried about the well-being of friends, partners, and family members. One of the scariest things can be the worry that a loved one is considering taking his or her own life. People usually want to help, but worry about what to say, whether they’ll offend their friend or invade their privacy, or make things worse. Sometimes students worry that they will plant the idea by simply asking about suicide.

Unfortunately, in this case, figuring out how to speak up and offer support can be a life-or-death issue. You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be a trained professional to save a life by reaching out. In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, take 5 minutes out of your day to watch this short video on how to help a friend in need.

If you are concerned about a friend and want to talk with a professional counselor about how to help, you can call us at CAPS at (831) 459-2628. As always, if someone is in immediate danger, call 911 for emergency support.