Myth Busters: CAPS Edition

Sometimes, the counselors at CAPS feel a bit misunderstood.  We do our best to educate the campus about our services, but a few sticky, persistent myths keep coming up. CAPS psychologist Dr. Blair Davis wants to do something about that, so starting today, she is fearlessly fighting misinformation, one piece at a time!

Myth: CAPS only sees students in crisis.

Fact: CAPS sees students for lots of reasons – no crisis required. Give us a call at (831) 459-2628, or come in to the central office (Health Center complex, East Wing, 2nd floor), and we will help set up an appointment for you. The first appointment is usually a short phone “screening” so we can start helping you figure out the best course of action. Following the phone appointment, you may be scheduled for an in-person “intake” appointment with one of our counselors or referred to other on-campus or off-campus resources. It all depends on what is the best way to address your concerns.

If you are in crisis, come in to CAPS during business hours, call us (831-459-2628) any time (we offer 24-hour crisis counseling by phone) or call 911 or a mental health/suicide hotline, such as the local Suicide Prevention Services number (831-458-5300) or the Santa Cruz County Mental Health line (831-952-2335).

Dr. Blair Davis is a psychologist at CAPS, who focuses on Alcohol and Other Drugs. She is located at Stevenson College.