The Medication Myth

If you’ve ever accessed the internet or watched television, you’re surely aware that there are a wide variety of psychiatric medications out there prescribed to address things like depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Concerns about stigma and side effects have made some students wary of medication – and by extension, of accessing CAPS services. Dr. Blair Davis helps sort out fact from fiction.

Myth: If I go to CAPS, I’ll be put on medication.

Fact: CAPS offers a variety of services, including counseling and psychiatry (medication). There are reasons why medication makes sense in some situations and not in others. There are also ways to treat certain problems (such as depression and anxiety) without medication that can be very effective. CAPS works with each individual to figure out what is the best way to address his or her particular concerns, which may or may not include discussing medication. Medication is never forced on students, but it may be recommended as an option. In this case, CAPS will help explain the process of talking to an on-campus or off-campus doctor about medication options, benefits, and possible side effects.