The Off-Campus Referral Myth

Sometimes students tell us they’ve heard we refer everyone off-campus. The short answer is that this isn’t true. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Dr. Blair Davis clears this one up!

Myth: If I contact CAPS, I’ll be referred off campus.

Fact: Many students are seen at CAPS for brief, individual counseling, but other students may be referred off-campus for a variety of reasons. There are many factors that go into these decisions, the main one being what is the best way to address your concerns. Just as you would not go to the Health Center for open-heart surgery or for intensive physical therapy after an injury, CAPS may not have the right resources to help you with certain issues. Some problems require more time or more frequent appointments than students generally will have with a CAPS counselor, and other problems require specialized services that CAPS doesn’t provide, such as ADHD assessment or alcohol and drug detoxification services. Also, at certain times when CAPS is very busy, it may take less time to get an appointment with an off-campus therapist than with a CAPS counselor.