The “No Point in Trying Again” Myth

Did you have a bad experience in therapy, and now find yourself feeling hopeless or reluctant to try again? CAPS psychologist Blair Davis explains why it’s worth giving it another go.

Myth: Therapy didn’t work for me before, so it won’t help if I go to CAPS.

Fact: Just as some physicians aren’t a good fit for some patients, some therapists are not the right fit for you. If you had a medical doctor you didn’t like, would you decide never to go to a doctor again if you were sick or injured? Probably not. Maybe a therapist you saw in the past just didn’t have the right personality or style for you. It’s worth another try if you have concerns that might be helped through counseling.

Sometimes people are not really ready to engage in therapy the first time, making it less effective than it could be. Maybe this was true for you, but now things have changed and you’re more ready to explore and talk and make changes in your life. I see this happen a lot with students who were forced into counseling as children or teens – usually, they tell me what a difference it makes to come in as a college student, of their own free choice.

Additionally, sometimes therapy takes time to “work.” Maybe the last time, you weren’t able to give it enough of a shot to see the results. Trying again at CAPS could be a different experience than before.

If you decide to contact CAPS, please tell us about any experience in therapy that didn’t help you before—it might help us to match you up with a better fit, be it at CAPS or with an off-campus therapist.

Finally, we acknowledge that therapy may not be for everyone. Maybe there is an alternative way to address your problem. We at CAPS are still happy to talk to you and try to figure out what else you may need.