Meet Dr. Julia Ragen, Staff Psychologist

CAPS can’t seem to get rid of Dr. Julia Ragen, who completed her postdoc here last Spring. And we couldn’t be happier!
Julia Ragen, Psy. D.

Julia Ragen, Psy.D.

What is your position at CAPS, and how long have you been working at UCSC? 

I started at CAPS August 2012 as a postdoctoral fellow…and have pretty much refused to leave.  Lucky for me, CAPS required an interim pair of hands to chip in, and I got to stick around. This year my office is located at Kresge College.  I provide individual, couple and group counseling as well as outreach, consultation, and crisis services.
What is your favorite part of your job?
I really enjoy the variety — between the different jobs we do as CAPS counselors (see above), and the great diversity in students and their presenting issues, each day is always something new.  I am so grateful to have found a profession that has proven to be such an excellent fit for me – I get to use my abiding curiosity, compassion, and really enjoy having the opportunity to connect with so many people, whether through counseling, or if only briefly, during a quick phone call.  It’s an honor to work here, especially with such a talented staff, from whom I learn all the time.
Tell our readers about one of your favorite spots on campus or in Santa Cruz.
When I have a spare moment I like to explore campus, usually seeking new routes between my office and CAPS central, or just looking for neat spots in general.  You may see me wandering through the woods during my lunch hour. I’m still trying to figure out how the ocean is on both side of campus.
What do you do to take care of yourself and relax?
I’ve got a walk along the ocean that I really enjoy and find amazingly nourishing.  I identify as a foodie and enjoy bemoaning the lack of quality restaurants in Santa Cruz compared to New York City, where I lived for many years.  I’m also a big reader of contemporary literature, and would probably ask you what you’re reading, if we were chatting.
What is one thing you wish you knew as a college student?
I went to an amazing school and received a stellar education, but I’ve often wished I had gotten more involved on my campus – groups, organizations, performances, social justice.   There were so many incredible people doing marvelous things….  After years working on college campuses I finally understand that the experiences we formally register for are really only part of a person’s college experience.