CAPS Student Hero: Alina Crom

Hi Slugs! And thanks for checking out a special mid-week edition of CAPS Student Heroes. So far this year, we’ve been featuring our fantastic Student Advisory Board Members, but today we’re profiling Alina Crom, a member of our very first class of CAPS Peer Educators. Alina, thanks for being a part of CAPS – we appreciate all that you do!

Alina Crom UCSC CAPS

Alina Crom, CAPS Peer Educator

What’s your favorite part about being a UCSC student?

I love how the people here are all so friendly and helpful. The professors and staff genuinely care about you and let you know about all the awesome opportunities at this university. I think that I’ve really grown as a person because of all the things I’ve involved myself in on campus.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about outside of school (e.g., clubs, hobbies, interests, volunteering, activities, etc.)

I am passionate about art (I love to draw and paint), and making desserts. Baking is very therapeutic for me, and it makes me happy to know that my desserts make other people smile as well. Aside from that, one of my newly awakened passions is definitely traveling. I lived in Cusco, Peru for two months this past Summer to learn Spanish and volunteer in a children’s clinic. It was an incredible journey, and I wish everyone could experience the same things I did. This picture of me was taken in a Peruvian zoo, I wanted to take that little deer home!

If you could share one thing that you’d like your peers to know about CAPS, what would it be?

I wish that everyone knew that CAPS really is an amazing service. All of the people who work there are committed to helping students. It’s actually not that hard to set up an appointment (just go online!), and if it is an actual emergency, it is possible to receive assistance right away. I guess that I just want people to know that it’s totally okay, and that there shouldn’t be a stigma against going to CAPS.

Alina Crom is a third year College Ten student, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Linguistics.