CAPS Student Hero: Ryan Rocha

Ryan is a double hero to CAPS because he just finished his SECOND year on our Student Advisory Board, where he helps advocate for students’ needs, including sharing his perspective how CAPS can serve the needs of the queer community on campus.  Ryan, we are grateful for all that you do!


CAPS Student Advisory Board member Ryan Rocha

What’s your favorite part about being a UCSC student?

The unorthodox feel of it all; not many universities are situated in a nest of redwoods overlooking the ocean, have an indigenous gastropod as their mascot, or are as progressively queer-welcoming as to have founded the world’s first gender-neutral queer frarority, Theta Pi Sigma, which I belong to.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about outside of school (e.g., clubs, hobbies, interests, volunteering, activities, etc.)

I’m passionate about migraines, studying the nervous system, contemplating life, running the OPERS track in the dark of the night, unleashing my creative juices through small projects, and long, barefoot walks on the beach upon sunfall.

If you could share one thing that you’d like your peers to know about CAPS, what would it be?

CAPS is a completely confidential service with an amicable and approachable team of people who care, and — perhaps what most students like to hear — it’s free! Even if you don’t think you need to see a psychologist, give one session a try; what have you got to lose? Gain some insight on your thoughts and feel yourself grow.

Ryan Rocha is a 4th year student affiliated with College Eight. He is double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology.