CAPS Student Hero: Tiffany Liao

If you’ve been following the CAPS blog or our Facebook page, you’ve certainly heard about our Let’s Talk drop in program, where students can stop by for an anonymous conversation with a counselor at locations around campus. Tiffany Liao is the designer who put together our new ad campaign! You’ll see examples of her work around campus on posters and postcards this Fall. Tiffany, for all your hard work and creativity this year, CAPS thanks you!

CAPS marketing team member, Tiffany Liao

Tiffany Liao, Student Marketing Team

What’s your favorite part about being a UCSC student?

Other than the obvious fact that we are surrounded by redwood trees and beautiful beaches, I love how UCSC is different not only in terms of its location, but also its opportunities. UCSC pushes me to pursue areas that I’ve always wanted to pursue such as art and design. It provides so many great opportunities for people to chase after their dreams. I also love the friendly community, especially the Christian communities on campus. They are a strong support system for me in UCSC.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about outside of school (e.g., clubs, hobbies, interests, volunteering, activities, etc.)

I love making people laugh, spending time with people, traveling, listening to all types of music, sketching and doing graphic arts, and reading. Traveling is a huge part of my life; during my 10 years in china, I was fortunate enough to travel to places in Thailand, Japan, Qinghai (near Tibet), and many other areas. I love pulling myself out of my own culture, and immersing into other cultures. They allow me to think of life in ways I’ve never seen possible if I were to stay in my own culture. I wish to travel more places in the future!

If you could share one thing that you’d like your peers to know about CAPS, what would it be?

CAPS is an amazing on-campus resource` not only for students who are struggling with college, but also for students who are willing to help those in need. The staff at CAPS are extremely friendly who genuinely care about students’ needs and success. They taught me so many useful skills about the “real-world” ahead. They are great people that work hard to improve student life on campus!

Tiffany Liao is a second year College 9 student, studying psychology and art.