CAPS Student Hero: Camara Chea

CAPS Student Heroes is back! Expect more posts every other Friday about the wonderful students that volunteer at CAPS! Camara Chea is part of the CAPS PEP (Peer Educator Program) and has worked with us since February of 2014. Thanks for all you do, Camara! We really appreciate it.

Camara Chea - Peer Educator

Camara Chea – Peer Educator

Whats your favorite part about being a UCSC student?

I’d have to say that my favorite part about being here at UCSC is getting to appreciate nature at its finest, up close and personal. Am I really going to see a turkey or deer in my hometown in the Central Valley? That being said, I really appreciate the peacefulness of UCSC’s campus. Amid all the stresses of life, I find it relaxing just to walk from class to class looking at the trees and breathe in the clean air. The ocean view doesn’t hurt either!! 

Tell us about something youre passionate about outside of school (e.g., clubs, hobbies, interests, volunteering, activities, etc.)

I don’t think college is merely about obtaining a degree–I think it’s also about gaining new perspectives, thinking critically, and exploring different avenues. I think it’s important to get yourself out there! Currently, I am the club Secretary for UCSC’s chapter of Circle K International, which is a collegiate community service organization. It’s been pretty fun: I love volunteering, and I’ve made so many close friends in there! Also, I recently volunteered to be the Student Coordinator for CAPS’ Peer Education Program, so not only will I be continue to help de-stigmatize mental illness and bring more awareness about CAPS and mental health through promoting events, tabling, etc., but I will also do some behind-the-scenes administrative duties too. In my free time, I like to spend time with family and friends, read, watch television shows, and peruse social media. 

If you could share one thing that youd like your peers to know about CAPS, what would it be?

You are not alone. Just know that there is always someone who truly wants to hear you out. Counseling at CAPS is FREE, confidential, and committed to helping you with any personal behavioral, emotional, or academic problems you may have. There are also psychiatry services, support groups, drop-in chat sessions, and so much more.  CAPS is a great resource here at UCSC. Please don’t hesitate to utilize it. There’s nothing wrong with needing to talk. We’re all human, after all.

 Camara Chea is a second year student affiliated with Cowell College. She intends to declare an Intensive Psychology major with a Sociology minor.