Become a Volunteer at CAPS – Here’s why you Should Apply!

If you’ve been following the CAPS Facebook page, you may have heard that CAPS is now accepting applications for volunteer positions with the CAPS Peer Education Program (PEP) and Student Advisory Board (SAB). This is my second year on the PEP team, and I can definitely say that it has been a fun, eye-opening journey. I learned a lot about mental illness, as well as the inner workings of CAPS. Additionally, my work at CAPS has encouraged me to be even more passionate about de-stigmatizing mental illness and serving the community.


CAPS PEP 2014 – 2015

So, what’s the difference between PEP and the SAB? Well, CAPS Peer Educators get to work more directly with the community and usually assist with tabling events, hosting workshops, or writing blog posts (like me!). However, members of the SAB work more behind the scenes. They bring a student voice to CAPS, giving their input on mental health services and outreach to all students, as well as various agency decisions. Members of the SAB even assist with staff searches!

Here are some comments from the student volunteers at CAPS:

  •  “I was able to make important connections with other students and staff, and voice my opinions on important issues.”
  • “It was refreshing to see a group of people who cared about the mental health of UCSC’s students. I enjoyed being in the group’s company and hope to see it grow more active in the future.“
  • “I feel that I have come a long way: I’m a lot more outgoing and organized, I’ve gotten to make connections with so many other students as well as CAPS faculty, and I have even successfully delivered two classroom presentations so far!”
  • “I have had a great time working on my very own project with the help of CAPS staff, and have received extremely valuable mental health first aid training. Experiencing the role of a CAPS peer educator has given me valuable skills that I am confident in using not only in future professional settings but in my own personal life.”

So what are you waiting for? The deadline for applying for these positions is Monday, April 20th. Apply TODAY to become a member of the CAPS Student Advisory Board or the CAPS Peer Education Program (click the hyperlinks to find more details AND access the online applications).