Welcome Back: Introducing our new PEP Team!

Hi Slugs!

We hope you are all enjoying Fall Quarter so far, and that midterms aren’t getting the best of you. We’d like to introduce you all to our new Peer Educators for 2015-2016. This is the third year for the Peer Education Program (PEP), and this year we’ve grown to 13 undergraduate members. The CAPS PEP members increase awareness and reduce stigma about mental health issues. The Peer Educators will provide Stress-Less workshops, outreach and tabling to promote CAPS and stigma reduction, they collaborate with CAPS staff and students, and they’re here to help you all!

Here are some of the activities PEP members have been involved in:

  • Tabling at multiple campus-wide events throughout the academic year
  • Assisting with the CAPS Relaxation Station
  • Managing the PEP blog
  • Providing presentations on CAPS services and mental health to large lecture classes
  • Promoting and staffing National Depression Screening Day
  • Assisting with the annual Candlelight Vigil for suicide awareness and prevention
  • Creating the Mental Health Awareness Flower display for passive programming on stigma reduction
  • Art projects focused on stigma reduction
  • Attendance at the 2013 Peer Education Conference at UC Irvine
  • Blog posts on a variety of topics relevant for college students
    • Boosting Self-Confidence
    • Preparing for Graduation and a Smooth Transition
    • “Model Minority”; Discussing Mental Health with Families
    • Unique Pressures Facing First Generation Students
    • And many more!

And here they are, your PEP team for this year!

PEP team

We’ll be introducing each member by posting a bio, so look out for those in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy getting to know the PEP members, and take advantage of what PEP, and CAPS, have to offer!