Upcoming Events: the Stress Less Workshop!

The CAPS Peer Education Program (PEP) is proud to announce the debut of its Stress Less Workshop on November 9th: the 1.5 hour workshop is meant to inform UCSC students of the pervasiveness of stress, and to help students define and identify some sources of anxiety in their own lives. Rather than vilify it, PEP volunteers will seek to normalize stress and discuss stress’s benefits when it’s well-managed. PEP volunteers will also walk their peers through possible coping and mindfulness strategies. After a luxurious-feeling, but absolutely reproducible, relaxation exercise PEP volunteers will offer a wide range of on or off-campus references for anyone seeking more comprehensive guidance. PEP volunteers aim to host a laid-back, relaxing, inclusive and conversational workshop that leaves its guests with a renewed sense of self-awareness and personalized solutions for managing their own stress. The workshops are completely free and open to anyone: please come by and take a moment to care for your mental health!
-PEP Team