Reducing Stigma through Artwork: A PEP Outreach Project

turtleHello and welcome to the new school year! My name is Hilaria Barajas and I’m excited to start off my second year as a Peer Educator at CAPS. The Peer Education Program (PEP) is in its third year here at UCSC and has been growing exponentially. Initially consisting of 6 members, we are now a group of 13 undergraduates! We look forward to continuing to serve and reach the student body population this year. Catch PEP members holding workshops, tabling events, creating projects and providing info and updates on all things CAPS around campus!

Last year, PEP members were responsible for creating an independent outreach project to increase CAPS visibility on campus. My own project consisted of gathering student artwork to create promotional posters. After three UCSC students and one alumni submitted unique photographs and digital artwork, my photoshop-fluent friend and I edited and added text to the designs. Finally, thanks to the generous and helpful staff at The Cellar on campus, the posters were printed!

The goal of this project was to showcase the talented students of UCSC and fight stigma surrounding the use of CAPS and other counseling services. The act of creating any type of art can be healing or satisfying and I hope that the student artists in this project were able to feel that throughout their creative processes. I also hope the posters help students validate their feelings, letting them know they are not alone in this community and their feelings are never wrong. I encourage students to feel their way through their emotions and know that if they do need to talk to someone, CAPS is available to them.

Student artists: Sarena Chea, Amy Gomez, Tiffany Liao and Carly Sanchez.

Special thanks to The Cellar on campus and Eric Villalobos!

balloon     stitch


stars        light

notalone        youmatter