Are You Running Out Of Time?

Hey Slugs! We hope you enjoy this article from one of our Peer Educators, Miriam Medina, about finding a balance with time management. Enjoy, and keep checking back for more articles by our great PEP Team!


Is it me or is this quarter going by ridiculously fast? It seems as though we have tons of assignments and tasks that are piling up before us with very little time to complete each one. What does our situation call for? Time management.


We have heard about it thousands of times from our advisors, professors, and even friends. The actual act of managing your time consists of thinking out all your responsibilities and activities and distributing them thoughtfully throughout your days of the week; in order, to ensure that they are completed efficiently. Such activities will probably include going to classes, doing homework, working, or even doing exercise. But as you have already probably figured out, the actual act of managing your time is way easier said and talked about than done. So how can we make it easier for it to be actually be “done”?

Personally, I have realized that it is hard for me to set a routine for every day of my week because I usually find myself doing something spontaneous throughout the days. Usually that spontaneous act is what throws me off schedule, but sometimes a random run or going to visit a friend is exactly what we need in order to relieve our very busy minds. With that said, spontaneous moments can have consequences but there is always room to clean up. So, instead of getting nitty gritty and attempting to plan out your every move, try to manage yourself week by week—make a mental or a physical note in which you acknowledge everything that has to be done within that week. However, there are special cases in which you should give yourself a little bit more than a week to prepare for specific events; for example, a midterm. Once you get used to thinking out your weeks and raising your awareness to what has to be done, this will occur naturally.

Ultimately, what I am trying to say is that we are human and the thought of a consistent and strict routine may cause us to dread the idea of time management. However it does not have to be so constricting, the mere choice to stop and contemplate on the tasks you have at hand, and further more arranging a time to accomplish them is a step in the right direction. Also, if you do feel like making an everyday routine, then make sure you leave a time slot open in some of your days in which you get the chance to be spontaneous.

-By Miriam Medina