The Two Way Street to Friendship

With both Thanksgiving and Winter break coming up, it’s almost time to shift our primary focus momentarily away from school, and over to family and friends! While for a lot of us this is an exciting and much anticipated shift, friendships and all relationships alike can  have their difficulties. So read on to hear Peer Educator Kimberly’s thoughts on healthy friendships, and check out the link to the insightful article she endorses!


By Kimberly Balmorez

As humans its natural to want to know what is healthy for any current or future friendships that you might have. Here is a link to what many people look for in a healthy friendship:

Signs of Healthy Friendships

It’s good to remind yourself that relationships should flow both ways; they are a two way street. It should not be “give and give” or “take and take”, but give AND take. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you yourself are a part of the equation when dealing with friendships, or vice versa.

Try to surround yourself by people who challenge you to be better and accept you for who you are, and try to be that person for others as well. Soon enough you will stumble across people worth having around for a lifetime.

Another important thing to remember is that you are your own best friend and you should treat yourself with the same respect and love that you give to others.