Unity in the Aftermath of the Election

Welcome back everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful break! As we struggle to start our sleepy Monday, I hope that some of these words will motivate you and bring you strength in more than one aspect of life.


By Emma Burke

“In Union There is Strength” – Aesop

We live in a very confusing time. The world around us is often at odds; in uproar over some of the worst social justice issues of all time, every day. And now, we flip on the television to the news, and learn that our country, famously known for being “the land of opportunity” is being led by a man who wishes to drive our country with the sheer force of hatred and anger. As time passes, possibly our sadness, fear, and shock have transformed into our own anger now. And this is what I want to share with you today. This anger is valid, all pain is valid, and we each have our own unique ways of coping with pain. However, rather than allowing hatred, anger, and pain to divide us, to strip us of our power and silence us, we can use it to connect us. We can take this horrible pain and fear and weave an intricate web of stories, opinions, feelings, ideas, motivations, thoughts, words, voices, and hearts that allow us to connect; to make something horrible, unthinkable into something that unites us. Our country did not betray us, our country is confused and hurt, and the more we reach out, the more we connect, the more we will find our voice and our strength together.

Reach out to the people you love most and do the things you love most together. Allow yourself to feel sad, confused, or anything else that you feel. Allow yourself to cry. Allow yourself to recharge your own inner battery in whatever way you are most inclined to. Allow yourself to do something fun. Remember that you are still you and you are wonderful. Buy yourself a latte and a croissant and enjoy them. Go to the yoga class that your friend has been asking you to join. Paint, write, sing, collaborate, and surround yourself with people who challenge you to open your mind and always widen your capacities for love and understanding.

When we take care of ourselves we are giving ourselves the privilege to be a part of something bigger than just ourselves. And this is the time to come together, to reach out into the world with one united voice and say, ‘We are all human and we stand together, and we stand for nothing less than love, equality, and social justice for every beating heart in this country.’


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