With finals next week, there is most definitely stress in the air and all around us! This can take a toll not only on our minds but on our bodies as well. While our classes require us to hunker down with our noses buried in textbooks for hours on end, this is not actually what is best for our bodies. One proven way to combat the negative effects that this stress has on our bodies is to get some exercise! Read on to hear Madison’s findings on the subject!


By Madison Wright

Have you ever been so stressed that you just had to drop everything you were doing to take a walk, in an attempt to clear your mind? Well it has been scientifically proven that this action may have actually contributed to alleviating your stress. According to Harvard Health, exercise reduces adrenaline and cortisol levels and increases endorphin levels. With less adrenaline in your body you begin to relax and then the endorphins, which are known as the body’s “natural painkillers,” would actually make you start to feel better.

Stress is harmful toyoga-1159968-1919x2714 your body, so it makes sense that taking part in activities that keep your body healthy, like exercising, would help combat the effects of stress. When I am stressed I get very tense and exercising helps me loosen up my muscles, relaxing my body. And if you don’t have time in your day to do a full workout, then breathing exercises can have a similar affect as well. According to the American Yoga Association, breathing exercises can even contribute to building skills for coping with stress.

So next time you are starting to feel overwhelmed, get active slugs! Lorenzo