Winter Self-Care

Welcome back Slugs! It is now week 2 of Winter Quarter and we are all starting to see the next 10 weeks sprawled out ahead of us with possibly anotalone little less enthusiasm than we had on New Year’s day. Winter quarter can have a tendency to feel like the longest quarter, with its shorter and colder days and lack of vacations. This is also a time when many students and people in general can feel a little bit of winter blues, whether it’s because of the increased darkness, or the post-holiday let down.

As we settle into our new schedules for the quarter and get back into the routine of school and work, I encourage you to keep in mind that these feelings aren’t uncommon. The same way that our bodies feel tired after a long week, it is ok to feel a little down sometimes. And the same way that we try to rest when we are tired, we should try to practice extra self care when we’re feeling down. Check out this article for some quick winter self-care tips!

So keep in mind that your mental health is important, especially at a time of increased difficulty for a lot of people. Don’t let your own self-care get lost in the flurry of back to school schedules and early sunsets and make sure you take the time to go for a run on West Cliff, pet a dog, or grab a hot drink with a friend.