As we find ourselves already in week 4 Winter Quarter, we might start feeling like the time is whizzing past us without our control. Midterms started either last week or this week, papers are due, and it feels like a million deadlines are approaching despite the fact that the quarter just began a few weeks ago! Time organization is always important, but especially for our rapid quarter schedules. So before you find yourself too overwhelmed, read on to hear some of Peer Educator, Harsimran’s tips for organizing your time effectively!


By Harsimran Kaur


As a college student, we pack our schedule with classes, studying, discussions, tutoring and work, so the week constantly feels like a race against time. To battle this, students implement time management techniques. Common tools used for time management are planners and Google Calendar.clock-1196246

Planners help students stay on top of due dates, assignments and readings. Personally, I see having a planner as a necessity. To make the most of having one, in the beginning of every quarter, I gather the syllabi from all my classes and document my exam dates, readings and their due dates, and other important dates pertaining to the class schedules. I also color code my planner, in order to categorize what work I have from what class. This helps me get my work done class by class, separate social events from academic deadlines, and prioritize subjects, if needed.

Another widely used tool for time management is the Google calendar. This allows students to plug in their class schedule, discussions, work and MSI schedules and much more! The Google calendar is an excellent way to have a visual of your time commitments through the day, week or month! This app also provides the option of setting up reminders for your events, so you can be constantly of aware of your schedule.

Using the resources around you can help you stay on top of the hectic life of a college student, make the most of your time and decrease the amount of stress you face.


Photo Credits: Mihailov