Happy Valentine’s Day! Today can be a day filled with a lot of commercialized expectations that are often over-inflated to the point of disappointment. Furthermore, there is often extra pressure today to be in a relationship, or to be surrounded by valentines from an adoring fan club. Read on to hear about some alternative ways to view this holiday and find out how they may help you to be a happier person today and every day!



By Emma Burke

So today is Valentine’s Day, and maybe you’re not in a relationship. Maybe your friends haven’t given you a million candy grams yet, and maybe you don’t have any plans for tonight. Or conversely, maybe you are in a relationship, but you’re not sure how you want to celebrate. Maybe you’re trying not to make a big deal about Valentine’s Day because you understand that it’s overly commercialized,  or that it has a track record of beinbeach-193786g disappointing, but maybe you still care about it, and wish that you could do something to celebrate the day. The number one thing to realize about Valentine’s Day is that no matter which one of these situations you relate to, you are completely entitled to your own feelings and expectations of Valentine’s Day. So rather than looking at Valentine’s Day as a day to either go all out on a fancy dinner with a significant other, decked out with balloons and giant stuffed bears, or alternately, sitting alone and sad in your room, let’s think about some other ways that we can celebrate the day.

  1. “Our first and last love is self love”- Christian Nestell Bovee. Whether you’re in a relationship or not today, it’s important to remember that today should be about loving yourself too! Do you not have any plans tonight? Maybe try spending the evening with yourself. Light some candles, pull out that face mask you’ve been wanting to try, and click on the relaxing Spotify play list you never get a chance to play and try meditating, taking a nap, calling your mom, getting up and dancing in your room, or anything else that you can possibly think of that will make you happy tonight!
  2. Do you have a significant other but often struggle to find the balance between high expectations of chocolates and roses and disappointment when that doesn’t happen? Try focusing on the meaning behind the chocolate hearts and flashy balloons today. Underneath all of the commercialized aspects, today is really about taking the time to stop and celebrate all kinds of love in our lives. So try putting down your wallet, and using your hands to make a simple little card for your loved one, or spend the evening making dinner together. Whatever you do, make sure that you’re focused on the love between you, and the roses and chocolate will be the last thing on your mind.
  3. “The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.”- Hubert H. Humphrey. Maybe today you don’t find yourself in a relationship. Don’t let this give you a sour taste in your mouth. Instead, try looking at this as an opportunity to spend the night out with your friends! Answer the group text you’ve been ignoring, and get together with your friends. I guarantee you have a friend who would love to spend the evening with you, so don’t let the commercialized expectations of the day get you down.
  4. Have your friends not invited you to do anything yet? Maybe you’re not in a relationship, and you haven’t heard from your friends yet either. Well, you’re in luck, because you have the ability to invite them yourself! Pick up your phone and invite 1, 5, or 10 friends out to do whatever you feel like doing! The ball is in your court, so you get to make the night whatever you want it to be. Don’t wait to be invited somewhere when you know that you have friends who would love to spend time with you!

But most of all, remember to love yourself today! Whatever you decide to do, buy yourself a latte in the morning, or a special lunch in the afternoon, go for a walk on West Cliff, and be kind to yourself. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn into a habit. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Happy Valentine’s Day!