This is a time in our lives where we experience a lot of change constantly, and with a lot of change also comes a lot of emotions always in a state of change themselves. However, there may come a point when we feel sad and we’re not sure why, or we don’t know how to overcome it. That’s when it’s time to seek help. Read on to learn about how to identify depression and some ways to treat it when you do.


by Xinru “Tina” Wang

Depression: more than an Expression

We often hear each other saying that “I am just so depressed after this test/quiz.” Since the word “depressed” is so often casually used, we sometimes forget what the real meaning of  “depression” actually is .

Depression, as according to, is a form of mental disability that inhibits one’s ability to stop negative feelings and sadness. It is the kind of feeling that would interrupt your daily life negatively, but you might not be umbrella-170962able to recognize it. Sometimes when we are experiencing something negative, we can identify the reason and fix the problem before getting too bothered or depressed. But sometimes the feelings don’t go away quite so easily, and that is the time to seek  help.

Find something you like to do. Even if it’s small!

If you do feel like you are struggling with depression, it is important to find small things that you enjoy and take some time to rest. It could be something that entertains you, such as movies and music, or even just getting some extra sleep can be helpful in reducing your levels of stress and anxiety!

Reach out! Talk to people you are close or contact CAPS.

Sharing your feelings can be extremely helpful, since having something in common with another individual can decrease the level of loneliness and sadness. Peers, family members, and loved ones probably know you best, so being able to talk with them can help your mental state, but also lets them get to know you better as a person.

CAPS offers a variety of services to support those struggling with depression or low mood. There are groups, Wellness Wednesdays, individual therapy, and the 24/7 crisis services. It is a free and confidential space for everyone on campus to  feel safe while their voices are being heard. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or walk-in if you need to!