As the quarter drags on, many of us try to escape our daily stressors by diving into the media during quick breaks or weekends. While I personally understand the appeal of turning off your brain and flipping on some Netflix, media and advertisements often effect us in many ways that we don’t recognize on a conscious level. The images that we are bombarded with of flawless, constantly happy people can cause real problems with our own self images and self esteem. Read on to hear Peer Educator Rebeca’s campaign to love yourself in spite of our own imperfections!



by Rebeca Najarro

I know it’s hard. It’s hard to look at the advertisement of the person with the flawless skin and perfect teeth. It’s hard to hear the commercials begging you to try out their new weight loss product. It’s hard to feel the side of your stomach and realize you do not have the same body as the model in the magazine. This is what society has made it, hard to love yourself.

As decades have passed, the standards of “beauty” have changed. However, these ideologies continue to be unrealistic, segregating and isolating each and every individual who doesn’t fit the appropriate image. Women are often the target for media ads for weight loss, healthy skin, etc. Although the struggle with “self image” is mainly associated with women, all individuals struggle from the impacts of societal pressure.

We are each our own individuals, we have unique characteristics that make us who we are! Nobody else is you, unless you have an identical twin, but even then nobody can match you and your qualities. It sounds cheesy, but we really all are our own kinds of “beautiful”. If you take time out of your day and look at yourself in the mirror, it is helpful to point out qualities about ourselves that we like! If we took one second to genuinely compliment someone, or to genuinely compliment ourselves, we would be just one step towards overcoming the societal pressures on self image.

With that being said, embrace each and every birthmark that you may feel uncomfortable about, because nobody else has the exact same one. Embrace the scar you received from when you fell off of a horse or the burn mark on your arm because you accidentally touched a hot oven! Embrace every particle of you and love yourself. There are many things to be grateful for, and being you is one of them.