Spring Quarter is more than halfway over! How many of you have gotten the Spring cleaning bug by now? Read on for some tips about how to keep calm and de-stress through your spring cleaning and organization!



By Melissa Newton


Maybe it’s because I am graduating soon, but this quarter feels packed with way too much to do, and not nearly enough time to do it all. I want to finish strong with my classes, spend time with friends, perform well at my jobs, look for post-graduation jobs, take on extracurricular and career-advancing opportunities, and see my favorite spots on campus before graduating.

At times it seems impossible to get everything done. I have been working on new strategies that have been quite helpful to my in managing everything so that I can get most to-do list items done, and to stop fretting about the ones I do not.

Here are the strategies that help the most:

  • Keep a well-maintained to-do list. I use a bullet journal, which keeps all my calendars and to-do lists, as well as habits, reminders, lists, poetry, doodles, etc. in one place. Taking a few minutes to organize your thoughts and goals for school, life, and any kind of planning is really helpful. I love seeing all my to-dos in one place so I can prioritize everything. Prioritization is most important, because when we rank what we really have to do and what we can wait until we are less drained, have more time for, etc., it makes getting things done realistic and manageable. Having it all in the same notebook makes me much more likely to remember to write down everything where I will actually see it and get to it.
  • Purge the clutter you have not used in years. The clutter around us tends to make us more stressed out. It’s one more thing to distract us and stress us out. Our tasks seem far less manageable if our work is piled on top of a philosophy paper and a math binder from three years ago. If you realistically will never use something again, donate, sell, recycle, or repurpose it. You will even have more time and energy from clearing everything out because your current work and items will not get lost in the clutter.
  • Schedule in fun, and stick to it as religiously as you do your classes. Find the time to do something you really love, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, and make sure you take the time to do it. Try to do these daily! Go on a walk or gentle hike. Listen to fun music, or dance to nostalgic or angsty music. Find time for friends. Cook yourself a nice dinner. Only schedule in things you really want to do, and do them!


It’s the final push, so best of luck on your organization, spring cleaning, midterms, finals, papers, fun, and everything else life throws at you in the coming weeks!