When you’re caught in that mid-week slump and feeling down, what helps pick you back up? For some of us it’s a trip to the gym, or maybe a coffee date with a friend. Whatever it may be for you, it’s important that you find something that brings you that motivation and happiness to keep powering through the week. Peer Educator Harsimran shares her story of the solace she finds in nature and how she came to value this time and herself.


by Harsimran Kaur

Now that spring quarter is finally coming to feel like spring it is the perfect time of year to indulge in nature! Whether it is simply bringing your homework outside, or walking to class, I have noticed that having the opportunity to be outside more has really helped me destress. By spring quarter, I feel myself burning out because of  lack of breaks and the seemingly endless amounts of  exams and essays. However, as opposed to winter, I can take my work outside and somehow ease the load on myself. Being surrounded by nature, keeps me going while completing my work, but also helps as a stress relieving break. During the tough weeks, when I have too much going on between academics, extracurriculars and my personal life, I take a break. Taking a walk or meditating in park allows me to ground myself and get through the week.

It is important to know when to step back and give yourself a break. Even if you feel like you don’t have time, taking time out for yourself and taking care of yourself has to come as a priority. Since the quarter system moves extremely fast and can be very demanding of students, we need to make sure we are making time for self-care. Whether that means being in nature, watching T.V., doing some art, cooking or just taking a nap, giving yourself space from your school work is very important. I find nature to be my break, and I encourage others to find what brings them back, allows them to relax, and recharges them throughout the quarter.