It’s finals week and for most of us, it’s all we can do to study and sleep! But during the most stressful time of the quarter, it’s also vital that we practice self care, and socializing, even minimally is a big part of that. Read on to learn more about keeping the balance this week!



by Kyle Retzer


Relationships and socialization are one of the most pinnacle points in our lives as humans, however right about now everyone is going into finals, probably dropping their social lives for the most part if not completely. Well it’s time to tell you that is not a good idea.

Loneliness and isolation can both lead to poor psychological and physical health. But do not confuse quantity with quality as it is the quality of the relationships that matter rather than simply the amount of relationships you have.

As finals are a very stressful time for all of us, we tend to want to focus solely on school, often at the cost of socialization and possibly other forms of self care. Yes, socialization is a form of self care! So during this time as finals are rolling around, healthy relationships can help make a difference, as it is a difficult time for us all.

I know it is hard, however, to isolate yourself during this time to strictly focus on your finals. One simple way you can alleviate some of the isolation is to study outside or in a library—around others in a social environment. That way you are getting best of both worlds, but it is also understandable to choose your favorite study spot, as it is for finals.

Also, simply try to spend time with friends and those you do have good relations with. It can be both a fun time away from the grind of studying, as well as a good source of receiving stress. Try not to spend all of your time studying, as it is quite important to keep practicing self care during finals season.

In my own experience, I’ve experienced both sides of that coin, where I have been social while studying for finals, but also quite isolated were I focused most of my energy on school. While I might feel a bit less stress feeling more prepared, I would rather experience that socialization and connection with another individual.

So during this finals season, spend some time with friends, whether that be getting food during study breaks or studying together, even if it’s not for the same subject. Keep studying for finals the way you all do, but try to add your friends into it or spend time outside of studying socializing as it can help you feel much better in the quite stressful time of finals. Good luck y’all!