Most of us are fairly aware that the constant barrage of messages, notifications, and alerts we feel buzzing in our pockets can be stress inducing. And attempting to keep up with a constant stream of news and social media alerts can be a contributing factor to anyone’s anxiety. So how can we unplug on a small scale to help combat some of these negative effects? Read more to find out!

Disconnecting and Recharging

by Jorge Roque

There are many different types of stressors in our lives, from our academics all the way to our friends and family. Many of these stressors can sometimes get the best of us, resulting in us being overwhelmed by the easiest tasks. One of the largest stressors that students face now has to do with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. A good way to reduce stress could be disconnecting from many of these sites. Now I don’t mean completely deleting your accounts, unless you’d prefer that, but it can be as simple as putting your phone on do not disturb or turning off the notifications for these certain sites. Here are some benefits of disconnecting from social networking sites, as well as some other things to recharge as you disconnect.

Some of the benefits of disconnecting from social media could ultimately help maintain a good mental state of mind. For starters, disconnecting allows you to have time for yourself, it gives you the opportunity to think and clear your mind. Disconnecting can also help you in removing unhealthy feelings such as jealousy, envy, and loneliness. Separating yourself from social networking sites could also help reduce feelings of missing out when looking at posts. Another thing that disconnecting helps you do is look at life and experience it in person rather than through a screen. You may begin to notice things that you’ve never had the opportunity to notice.

Now that we’ve managed to disconnect from social networking sites, we can see how much time we may actually have on our hands. Now that we have all this free time we can start to do new and exciting things. You can begin to explore your surroundings. An amazing thing about being in a place such as Santa Cruz is that we are surrounded by countless scenic views, ranging from hikes through the forest or getting that good view of the ocean, we have it all. Another thing you could also do is dive into school work, and hopefully complete it sooner now that you’re not distracted by social networking sites. There are still other things you could do such as trying out new things or simply continuing hobbies you have.

Now that you’ve managed to disconnect and recharge, you can still return to these sites and social media platforms. Just remember it’s healthy to disconnect sometimes in order for you to be able to recharge yourself.