You have your own unique and vibrant personality, and certain people in your life can bring out your best qualities, while others may unfortunately not connect with your personality in the most positive ways. It is important for us to search for people who make us feel good. But how can we go about doing this? Read on to learn more!

You and Your Relationships

by Priyanka Kulkarni

Personality is a dynamic concept of humanity that we tend to overlook because we are naturally conditioned by the social world to judge people based on the attributes we see of them, the connection we have with them in simple conversation, the attitude we think they have, and other things that we compile about them without even realizing. We have various personalities elaborated for specific social situations. We are different in front of our families than we are with our friends and we are different with adults and professionals than how we are with our peers. We might even be different among friend groups and with individual friends. There is so much abstractness in personality that is remarkable how our brains unconsciously practice different self perceptions and perceptions towards others without thinking.

There are some situations in which we do not like ourselves in and we tend to always replay that experience over and over again in our heads, analyzing and frustrating ourselves about it. Some people are toxic to our lives and it is best to leave them, but it can also be hard when we are used to them. We have all lost friends or relationships when we shouldn’t have or lost friends and relationships when it was best for us. It is hard to let people go sometimes, when they have become part of your everyday life. I had a friend that didn’t make me feel good about myself when I was around her. I didn’t like the person I was when around her. It wasn’t her fault, it was just the nature of our personalities and how they were always conflicting. At the beginning of our relationship, we became really close and after so long it was hard to let go of that friendship since she knew so much about me. It was very refreshing however, when I did cut off that relationship, when I decided that I didn’t want to dislike myself around someone. Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and having people in your life that disrupt how you self care and love, can be a detriment to your mental health.

In every social situation we are in, we should check-in with ourselves and see if we feel good in this situation, if we feel comfortable and enjoy being who we are in this situation. You shouldn’t have to alter your personality in a way that you don’t like or do not want to be, you should always be the personality that you feel comfortable with and like to be. People are abstract and dynamic and it is impossible to like everyone in the world or have everyone like you and so it is important to understand where you come from and where others come from and build relationships based on understanding and acceptance.