The end of the school year is a great time to think about self-reflection and to ask yourself why you are in the position you’re in. What good and bad things have lead you to this place? Are you happy where you are or are you ready to make a change? Read on to learn more about the importance of self-reflection and how you can reflect upon yourself this year.

A Self-Reflection

by Jonathon Tsou

As another school year passes, I remember the little and the big things at Santa Cruz. There is a poem by Robert Frost called, “The Road Not Taken”. It is a relatively well-known poem that most American high schools teach their students. Most people would say that the poem is about regret and about the road that was not taken. But there is another hidden meaning. It says that there are outside factors that make up our minds for us. We will be given a chance to pick from a couple options for life, but these options are not discovered by us. They come and go at the willingness of invisible people. Any action we take will be regretted and remembered in the future. There is no path that is the best and no one person you meet or one place you go that is perfect. In the next couple of months, many of us will make a hard decision. From continuing to go to graduate school, to move to other places, to find a job. There is no perfect option but is also no wrong choice. It is a fantasy to say that there is nothing scary in the future. It is a fantasy to say that any choice is the right choice. It is a fantasy to say that there is something that is easy.


As I look back to my time at UC Santa Cruz, I ask myself why. Why did I do this and why I am here? I ask you to look back at your life and why you are here. In Psychology, we are taught that self-reflection is important for self-improvement. We are not perfect individuals, but we are people who all want to strive for excellence. So thank you all for such a great year.