Anticipation can often be the hardest part of any task. Our minds have this incredible power to build up things and jump to worst case scenarios. And it often gets to the point where the anticipation is much worse than the actual event itself. Read Peer Educator Aditi’s thoughts about the role that anticipation plays in anxiety and check out the psychology today article below as well!

Anticipatory Anxiety

by Aditi Sheth

Anticipation is like your mind’s own distorted movie, consistently playing in your brain. The movie that’s playing can be of any genre. Romantic Drama, the way your mind wanders when you think about a crush. Psychological Thriller, thinking about the different ways the midterm you’re about to take can trick you. Workplace Comedy, considering the way your friends at the office will react to that joke you want to tell. Sometimes though, these movies and their genres can take a turn for the worst. The tendency to anticipate can create a film that increases those symptoms of anxiety, causes stress and ultimately long term harm. Anticipation is a definite exacerbator of anxiety and for some people, it can be the main cause. Let’s take a look at this phenomenon with an article from Psychology Today, which talks about different ways to combat the Anticipatory Anxiety.